The Polar Bear’s Trip is a collection designed, created and produced by Kishboo. First they are illustrations, and then they’ve turned into niece pieces of jewelry.

Inspiration of this magic collection came along my stay in Canada. Creating a Tale in my mind, which a Polar Bear has to travel every year across Canada, imagine all the animals he can meet during his trip. Are you ready to start your trip?

Each piece is made of wood as a natural material, I work with high quality wood species, they are like the “haute couture” of wooden spieces.

These little guys have to undergo long manufacturing processes, cut them, 3 sanding stages and finally I have to protect them with a specific finish.

Remember…. Sunlight contains Ultra Violet sun rays (UV) that may affect the appearence of these nice pieces, so please, remember to keep them in a dark place, such as drawers, boxes,  when you are not wearing these “jewels”.

Every picture has been taken by Kishboo, so if you have questions about wooden species, please ask me. Remember monitors/computer screens can change the colors.

The Polar Bear’s trip © 2012-2014