Welcome to Kishboo,
We believe in a conscious way of design, our production process is sustainable and local.
We design and make textile and leather bags printed by hand while honoring our commitment into the “buen hacer”, high quality materials and timeless products.
Our pieces are made of natural materials: cotton, rustic linen and leather. Cotton bags are made of upclycled yarns and organic cotton. The leather is handpicked and selected with care matching the texture and quality for fine finish. All 3 materials are made in Spain.
Once these materials are at Kishboo studio, are treated with respect. Design in-house and hand screen printed one by one; we do not outsource or mass produce. We only make your bag when you place the order.
Kishboo is, as we call it, “the new luxury”. Only one collection per year, we are committed producing craft products by hand screen printing technique, that are unique, in limited editions , made from quality materials, with a conscious waiting time and working with local seamstresses .
Patterns are inspired by the nature’s authenticity and experiences. Each collection is a storytelling, a personal experience, that reflects our spirit, our values by illustrations, colors and materials. This story begins at Kishboo studio until the product arrives into women hands, then each woman is linked to this project and begins her new adventure with her new bag, a woman like you.

* Conscious waiting time: all Kishboo’s bags are made by order and it takes 6/7 business days- close to Christmas holidays it takes 15/20 days -.