The story/idea: Sparks and darkness, lines and dots. A black canvas where every little light is a star, stars are joined by lines creating constellations, so geometry keeps them together. Ebony as a black canvas drawing geometrical shapes, where some gemstones give them brightness.

All pieces are made of natural wood-  Ebony –  and handpicked gemstones. The collection is designed, created and produced by kishboo, every piece undergoes a long process until is completely finished.

The process  starts working with a CNC machine, then 3 sand processes all of them manual , then I have to fit every little gemstone using jewelry tools and finally the high quality wood is protrected with natural bee wax. Every piece is ONE OF A KIND.

Chains: beacuse of the highquality wood and gemstones, every metal piece is hypoallergenic using palladium and gold-plated 24 carat.

Have fun in your stars trip! Live long and prosper!



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